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Banana Leaves

What You Can Do

BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities and all other marginalized communities are left off of the main stage of environmentalism. Here are a variety of ways that you can help.

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Forest Backpack Traveler

There are so many environmentalists and organizations that focus on justice for the planet and all people. Follow them on social media to diversify your feed. Click here!

Chico Mendes

Many environmentalists of color lived before us. Many weren't recognized for their incredible work until they passed because of their background. On this page you'll learn about a few of them and the work that they left impacting the world. Click here!

Mountain Range

Many environmental organizations are led by BIPOC. Many organizations are a platform where BIPOC are represented because they're not in mainstream media. Click here!

Image by davide ragusa

We must hold media accountable to see the changes that we need for environmental and social justice. But how should they change? Click here!

Additional Ways...

Acknowledge the Problem

Recognize that there is a lack of diverse representation in environmental media. Acknowledge the negative impacts that it has on BIPOC as individuals and the global society. Without seeing the problem, you can't find a solution.

Work Together

Collaborate, team up. Support each other, encourage each other. Put in effort to know and learn from environmentalists from all backgrounds.

The Next Generation

They're the future. All children need to learn the importance of diverse representation in the world. Pass what you know to others. Go educate your kid, niece, nephew, grandkid, students. No one is too young.

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